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Corporate Video ProductionWhat some of our clients
say about us

Client Referrals | Teledyne Controls

My name is Larry Levine and I'm the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Teledyne Controls.

I would sum up my feeling of Seven Pictures in three words, exceeding my expectations.

It starts with a vision, having a clear vision, and being able to transmit that vision- and having Seven Pictures to really understand that vision and execute on it made our video a very successful experience.

Seven Pictures made the process very easy for our company. We're a company where we don't have a lot of resources so we really rely on our partners to help and in this case, we picked the right partner. Seven Pictures exceeded our expectations and they provided a really clear vision of how this process would work and they made this experience just incredible by having all the messaging that we really needed to have articulated very apparent in our video.
We really initially were going to look at this just to maybe have as a video just to show couple of our customers or maybe just to keep it within the employees but now the bonus, because the product, the video was an astounding success, we are now going to show this video at every customer meeting, every conference, every symposium, and every Users Conference.

Seven Pictures really was a partner in this whole process and really gave us the right guidance to put out a video that really was very compelling and had that emotional attachment that we really wanted to provide.

I would certainly recommend Seven Pictures to others. Again, Seven Pictures exceeded my expectations and just did a phenomenal job. I am very proud of what the final product really is and I'm anxious to share the video with everyone and I'm really excited about doing the next video.


Larry Levine
Vice President of Marketing and Sales
Teledyne Controls

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Client Referrals | Teledyne Controls

Hi, I'm Natalie Bollecker with Teledyne Controls. I'm the Senior Manager for marketing and sales support.

A few years ago, we wanted to do a video but we had the impression that it was a very complicated and costly process and it would take a lot of resources. We met with few companies with outrageous quotes and we forgot about the project. Then our new VP of Marketing resurrected the idea and we felt that we had found the right partner. Seven Pictures made it easy to put together, it was quick and it wasn't as much as we thought it would cost. So we're very excited about it and we're planning on doing more movies now.

Our general experience in working with Seven Pictures was great. They're a great team to work with, they have over 20 years of expertise in corporate video and that is only what they do and they are really good at it. The process went very smoothly and we're very happy about the final product which is full of energy with loud music, a lot of interviews and testimonials from our employees and customers. It seems very authentic and credible.

We presented the video internally and we've had great feedback. Everyone was very into it and some people almost had tears in their eyes!

It's going to be a great piece to advertise our company and provide a quick snapshot of who we are. We're a people company and the video really conveys that message.

I would definitely recommend Seven Pictures to other companies.


Natalie Bollecker
Senior Manager for Marketing and Sales Support
Teledyne Controls

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Client Referrals | Teledyne Controls

My name is Mary Donovan. I am the marketing and communications specialist at Teledyne Controls.

We have never done anything like this before but we were looking to get the most professional video.

It was a great experience working with Seven Pictures. It felt like they were a true Hollywood production company. They were very responsive, very accommodating, and very flexible.

The corporate video is something we're very proud of. We have employees that are proud of it. We have customers who are proud of participating.
It's a promotional piece for Teledyne- it can be used to help sell some of our key products, so it's going to be a marketing tool that we'll use for many years to come.

Seven Pictures made it an efficient and easy process for us. We worked with just only few points of contact and they were available to us as much as needed to answer all our questions and to provide all the information needed to ensure the success of the video.

Overall it was a successful experience and I would recommend them to others and given the opportunity, would work with Seven Pictures again.


Mary Donovan
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Teledyne Controls

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Client Referrals | Senn Delaney

We started working with Seven Pictures for about one year ago. It was our first foray into video, and it been extraordinary for us.
We've been thrilled with our relationship with Seven Pictures - not only with the video itself but the whole experience.

We feel that AC and his crew has really taken the time before the filming to scout the location to make recommendations about what would be the best place for our consultants to be filmed.
The production was not difficult, working with AC and the Seven Pictures' crew was really fabulous and we had very quick product back to us there was very usable.

Seven Pictures has the full capability of an larger organization but the warmth and the personal relationship that you get from a smaller organization. So we've been able to do everything we want to do with them but still work with the same crew and with AC as the leader, who really has come to understand our company and the clients that we serve. Seven Pictures has been a great adviser to us.


Penny Madden
VP of Business Development
Senn Delaney

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VIKING Commercial Construction

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your production team and associated staff. We are extremely pleased with the Kidville customer video piece you did for us. The filming process and shoot day was enjoyable and very professional thanks to you! We have shown the video to several contacts already and the feedback has been tremendous! We are so happy with the outcome and really appreciate all the hard work and effort.

The new background music choice is much better so thank you for making that change so quickly for us. We appreciate you being so accommodating and helping us through the process. Please feel free to use us for any referral inquiries that may come up in the future. Your future clients are welcome to call me directly any time.

Thanks again for your help and the great finished product!


Wendy Hoier
Business Development Manager

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LAUP Los Angeles Universal Preschool

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible job you did on the Los Angeles Universal Preschool fundraising video production. Our mandate was not a simple one, yet you navigated the multiple layers of needs and wishes to produce an engaging, sharply produced and effective video.

Your personal vision and ability to tell our story was what impressed us the most. You were able to express our core mission by listening to our families, providers and to the community that we serve, and by allowing them to express what it is about LAUP that makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of their children. You carefully balanced the many testimonials with riveting footage, clever montages and voiceovers. On a creative level, you helped to show the warmth and humanity of our CEO, COO, and all of our spokespeople through great backdrops, camera angles, and lighting.

The initial response to the video has been one of excitement and pride both internally and in our community. The LAUP story is finally being told with Los Angeles County as the context and our families, stakeholders and advocates as our spokespeople.

We look forward to working with you in the future, AC. We plan on creating shorter versions of the video and possibly exploring video news releases or other channels of distribution for our visual message. I offer my heartfelt thanks to you and your team and please do not hesitate to use my name as a reference at any time, it would be my pleasure.


Eva Brune
Communications Specialist, Los Angeles Universal Preschool

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Clark Construction

With the presentation of the Q Awards- Nokia Theatre video completed, I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for a job well done on this project.

I was thoroughly impressed by the caliber of the video. I have heard many comments from attendees of the event and colleagues that they were blown away by the video. It really was an excellent addition to the awards ceremonony. The purpose of the video was fully met and done in a manner that I believe suited the needs of all parties.

There are many elements of this video that made it a success. You and your team were successful in pulling together the right resources to make sure the project was completed om time. We did have a tight timeline, but you brought it together with time to spare. The creative approach to the project was a stroke of genius and brought the video to another level. I felt in the loop as far as the progress of the video and that you were taking care of my project.

I truely felt that Seven Pictures was collaborating with me on this project. From soup to bolts, you made my life easier by doing such a thorough job of producing this video. Thanks to you and your team for your dedication to our project.

Erica Hansen
Marketing Coordinator
Clark Construction Group- California, LP

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Jacobs Engineering

Now that our annual CEO video project is complete and rolling out in our offices across the globe, I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for a job well done.

The final video production is very high caliber and we're getting a lot of positive feedback from our employees. I appreciate the effort by you and your team to ensure the timely completion of our video.

There are many creative elements in the video which make it a better product than we had in previous years with another producer. The audio was improved; our opening visual and music are much better; the work in converting green screen shots to other backgrounds worked great; the inserted video elements throughout add a lot of interest; and the transitions and other embedded elements make it look very high quality.

You were a true professional throughout the entire experience, adapting to changes and keeping me informed of progress. It was great being able to receive the interim video sections for review via the internet links you provided; that made life a lot easier for me, as the files could be accessed quickly, no matter where I was.

I enjoyed working and collaborating with you on this effort. Thanks again, and please pass my thanks to your entire team.

Kathy Fairbanks
Jacobs - Pasadena
Training & Development Manager

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Dakar Technology

Dear A.C.,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of Dakar Technology for the incredible level of creativity and professionalism that you and the entire Seven Pictures crew demonstrated during our recent video shoot.

It was clear from the start that Seven Pictures was the ideal partner for our project since you were able to conceive strategies right from the start. By asking intelligent and insightful questions, you were able to quickly put a solid plan together that was ideally aligned within our budget.

The Seven Pictures crew far exceeded our expectations and delivered a final cut that accurately and creatively depicted our product. When we previewed the video at our event, the crowd instantly understood the product and felt connected simply by the way we got our point across.

I look forward to working with you and Seven Pictures again and would highly recommend your firm to any company looking for first-class production company.

Meryl Cook
Director of Marketing

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Loan Officer School

Seven Pictures is an absolute delight to work with. I am tremendously happy with the project that I hired AC and his team to complete. The service that Seven Pictures provides is extremely professional and courteous. All of my requests were met and they exceeded my expectations on every aspect of the project. The technical expertise of Seven Pictures is exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable. I am very happy with the service of Seven Pictures that I am recommending them to one of the other speakers in my industry.

Gina Marquez

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Thank you very much for your high degree of professionalism during our shoot last week in Los Angels. Given the challenges posed by time constraints and the elements (like Southern California traffic), we were real pleased with the footage you obtained for us.

Your videographer was great to work with, very much on the ball. His advanced scouting was crucial to assuring that we could accomplish our goals in a relatively short period of time. And his technical expertise was also outstanding, as were able to capture some very classic Southern California scenery despite having to deal with a cumbersome 60 foot health center on wheels.

We would be pleased to recommend Seven Pictures to anyone who might need your services.

Thank you again.
Jeff Lancashire Communications
Specialist Center for Disease Control & Prevention

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A Bear Incorporated (Bank of America)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you the outstanding job you guys did on our Pecan Park and Carr Intermediate projects. I was very apprehensive about sending relatively inexperienced PR people into such important projects without being there personally. You guys took care of our people, the clients and delivered on time and more importantly, on budget!

I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that we have a group like yours in Los Angeles that knows what they're doing and takes such personal responsibility for the process. I look forward to work with you again soon.

Ken Hebert


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Even if video production is not your area of expertise, we will support and advise you from beginning to end. By using the right amount of effort in the right places, we deliver video productions of the highest possible quality inside your budget, done right and with the desired messages coming across.

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