• Live Video Streaming for Business

    Unlock the full value of your conference and seminar with Live Video Streaming

    If your last live streaming event, conference, or meeting was a bit of flop, it could be that the technology got in the way of you sharing your vital message with your audience:

    • Presenters had problems with the technology
    • Participants had issues joining or viewing the meeting
    • Your remote viewers were not able to use their phone or tablet
    • Audio quality was poor
    • Difficulty displaying slides, video and other critical media
    • Challenges keeping the remote audience engaged

    Online conferencing solutions or in-house approaches aren’t necessarily a good fit for US or worldwide streaming events. Everyone may be a video expert these days, but it takes attention to detail to get a live streaming event right.

    Here’s what Seven Pictures can deliver:

    • “Click-and-view” (a browser is the only requirement – no downloads needed)
    • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Droid)
    • High quality audio (one of the most common complaints)
    • Full screen video
    • Dynamic video of presenters (not just talking heads)
    • Integrate slides, full motion video and other assets
    • Seamless Q&A
    • Secure access on the day and afterwards
    • Available for viewing post event on-demand
    • Copy of event available for posting on your own Intranet (no third party software/service required

    Seven Pictures offers a complete solution to live streaming to the web or mobile devices. With live streaming, you can now share information from you conference or seminar with offsite members instantly or on-demand. You can also integrate offsite speakers from across the globe into the process.


    Live streaming and video recording services are available for conferences, seminars, and presentations as single or multi-camera solutions. Record, enhance, and broadcast information quickly and efficiently -whether it’s a one day conference, convention spanning over several days, or a meeting just taking few hours.

    Our producers with expertise in live broadcast television production will guide you every step of the way – taking care of all technical, creative, and practical issues from beginning to end.
    For more information regarding our live streaming and video recording services, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

  • Professional Producer Services

    Brief history:

    Seven Pictures is a professional production company established in Europe in 1982 by Asbjorn Christiansen, our Creative Producer, a true veteran cameraman/ producer / director.

    Seven Pictures opened Hollywood offices in 1999 with a pilot office in New York.

    We understand it can be a great challenge to produce any project sitting in an office hundreds or thousands of miles away. We have produced many projects outside of the States in various countries/regions and realized many times over that hiring in a local team can make all the difference – productions are more efficient and give you peace of mind that all specifics aspects to location are handled. Production requires different permits, approval, guidelines, etc, according to location and it’s different every time you deal with a new contact; so it’s very difficult to gauge and prepare for every situation when you’re working remotely. It is imperative to have a local production company in place that can instantly attend to any situation no matter how big or small.

    Acquiring equipment and local crew from overseas can be a challenge in itself. Maybe you’re hiring in people you have never worked with and risking valuable money and time; or renting gear online or over the phone when there is no guarantee that everything was included in the shipment and will arrive on time…Seven Pictures can oversee any process of crewing up and gearing up for your production.

    Be there even when you’re not.

    We were contacted by a producer based in Canada who could not make it out to Los Angeles for a production. While our team represented the production on site, we worked directly with the producer by having him present and available via Skype and conducting the interviews live through the screen. There are many ways to utilize our services for your production.

    We know production and know what it takes.

    Seven Pictures provides “flexibility” without compromising on quality. We understand that not all productions require the same size crew or production team but it is always our goal to secure talent as needed. Of course some productions are not geared for a full crew so in those instances, our minimum is 2 person crew. Our crew and production team are vital to a successful production and we believe in the saying, “you get what you pay for”.

    Many titles have been diluted.

    We only provide highly experienced and professional personnel for all production roles. If you are in need of a local producer, you’ll be provided with someone that knows all the ins and outs plus more. All our camera crew are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of production. You can rest assure knowing that your production is in good hands.

    Our Production Menu:

    We provide the service you lack. Our team is equipped to handle any and all production needs. If you require a service that is not mentioned below, please ask us about it and it’s most likely that we will be able to provide the service.

    Pre production (in all sizes)

    Production Crew (in all sizes)

    Production Equipment (in all sizes)

    Post Production (AVID Symphony / Final Cut Pro / Premier)

    Film permit





    SAG signature (union and non union)

    Location services / scouting

    Sound Stages

    Production Offices

    Transport / local drivers



    Sound Mix

    Represent your company as needed

  • Post Production

    Seven Pictures editing and color correction facility.

    At Seven Pictures we take care of your project and work entirely in lossless, raw or uncompressed video to meet the highest possible quality standards.

    We can work with all common video formats and handle projects originating from a variety of editing software including:

    Avid Media Composer 7 (including Avid interplay)
    Adobe Premiere
    Apple Final Cut Pro 7

    editingsuite downtown Los Angeles

    Seven Pictures editing and color correction facility.


    Color correction on DaVinci Resolve by Colorist Andreas Birch
    Our color correction suite features full software DaVinci Resolve 10, JL-Copper control surface and a 10 bit 32” 3D compatible Grade A color correction monitor. We can work in all common formats and resolutions including HD, 2K, 4K and 3D. Andreas Birch has worked on a great variety of film and television series.