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7 Facts About Internet Video Marketing

Over the last decade video has moved from a curious collection of animated gifs and flash animations towards becoming the outlet for high quality, original video content.We’ve always had an interest in cutting-edge technology at Seven Pictures, so here are seven facts about internet video marketing we think you’ll find eye opening as we move through 2014.

  1. A study done by eMarketer found that 72.1 million US smartphone users watched video on their devices at least monthly in 2013 and the number is expected to grow another 10 million through 2014. An average of 30% of those smartphone users were also comfortable watching long form content on the go. Marketers shouldn’t be afraid of alienating their mobile audience when they plan the production of longer videos.
  2. Another study by eMarketer found that only 25% of marketers considered using video as part of their opt-in email marketing strategy, and 43% of those surveyed stated they didn’t because they lacked the content. This is an area ripe for growth and return in the future.
  3. Accenture’s third annual “Video Over Internet Consumer Survey” that 90% of consumers watch at least some video content over the Internet. The penetration rate is as great or greater than traditional video, radio, and print media.
  4. According to a PR Trends 2013 survey by the Bulldog Reporter, video production is poised for growth this year with 36% of companies reporting to increase their video expenditures. With more companies realizing its benefits and the prominent appeal of video through online searches, we expect that the percentage will continue to grow through the remainder of the decade.
  5. Cisco’s 2012-2017 VNI study and forecast predicts that online video will account for 69% of all online traffic, up from 57% in 2012.
  6. Recent research from HP confirms the idea that visual communication can be more powerful than verbal communication, suggesting in many instances that people learn and retain more information from videos than from text or audio. Research at 3M Corporation also concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  7. In 2010, Internet Retailer published that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. Video content will become a key factor in the conversion funnel for many businesses.

With video’s evolving presensce online, we’d like to leave you with this technology keynote that also represents what we think will be the next big trend in videos: some level of interactivity.